The Project

Where a book binding shop once stood, The Bindery is an old, and until recently, forgotten building on a stretch of Sandy Boulevard long known for car dealerships and drive-thru restaurants. Today, this area, surrounded by established neighborhoods like Laurelhurst, Irvington and Hollywood, is about to be transformed into a thriving urban destination.

The Bindery brings together a highly curated, eclectic community of proprietors, entrepreneurs, artisans, winemakers, and creatives of all sorts “bound” together by their passion for excellence and love of sharing what they do.

The idea for the project came from Sasha Kirovski and Zeljko Grahovac, two friends who were inspired by warm memories of people coming together in the neighborhoods of New York and across Europe. In Portland, they discovered a city going through a food and beverage renaissance with a national reputation for originality and creativity.

It is here that Sasha and Zeljko saw the possibility of bringing people together and doing something special for a neighborhood.

Guided by this philosophy, The Bindery became the ideal setting. “You don’t just live in your home, you live in your neighborhood, “ says Kirovski. “And your neighborhood is an extension of your living room.”

Exterior of The Bindery building

Interior view of the atrium


When developing this property, Sasha and Zeljko looked to their friends, who are talented professionals in design, building, commercial real estate and marketing. This core group shares a passion and a genuine interest for creating a project that helps to reinvent a neighborhood and gives back to the community. The design of the Bindery project was successful collaboration between Sasha, Zeljko and design/build firm Deform. Michael Roberts from LRS Architects helped facilitate permit submittal and preparing a core and shell set of architectural drawings.

The Bindery team is Tod Breslau, Broker with Premiere Property Group and Managing Partner in the Jupiter Hotel, and Andy Lertiz, Brett Geller and Beachum Jones, the design/build and general contracting partners from DeformNW and Monica Geller, The Bindery project Marketing and PR Director. Additional team members include: Michael Roberts, LRS Architects and Steven Lapp from Waterleaf Architects.

Take a short bike ride North, South, East or West and you’ll discover thriving neighborhoods with a rich past and a promising future. No matter what you’re looking for, it’s all here. From large farm fresh markets to specialty boutiques, nationally recognized restaurants to cozy bars, craft brewers of beer and coffee, movie theaters to music and the aroma of fresh baked bread. There’s something for everyone.

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